Latest Unity version is a little funky with WebGL so sound is broken ¯\(°_o)/¯ download if you reeeeally need them satisfying clicky noises.

This has been updated after the jam fixing some bugs and minor annoyances, but I tried not to change it toooooo much.

You play as tony and you are on a mission for the cheesy puff.

Use switches to turn stuff off and on so that you can make it to the cheesy puff.

tony likes cheesy puffs.

WASD/<>^v : move it move it

X/left clicky : grab

C/right clicky : do the things


Mac 20 MB
Windows 22 MB


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Nice game. very cute and fun :)

i accidentally trapped tony in a room...
no cheesy puffs for tony today i guess :P

Yeah that bug is the woorrst, its any easy fix too which makes it even worrrrse. Sorry bout that but thanks for playing!

So cute! I <3 tony and cheese puffs.