A downloadable subnet

You are lost in the subnet.

An ever branching abyss of digital dysphoria brought about by screens.

By peering into a monitor of the net, you enter another level as real as the last.

Can you escape the subnet? When will you know what is real?


  • WASD - Walk
  • Left Click - Interact
  • Hold Escape - Exit to menu

Created in 72 hours for the Florida Polytechnic University Respawn Game Jam (Spring 2022)

By Luke "floofinator" Thomson and Alexander "Charnchy" Hecht

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
Authorsfloofinator, Alex
TagsDark, Horror, Singleplayer, Surreal


subnet.zip 95 MB


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Game starts on the wrong monitor and there is no option to change that in the settings. There is no INI file to modify and we can;t make the game windowed to manually move it?

The ability to traverse through objects to appear at another reality really fascinates me and i loved the concept of that here, would love to see a longer game about it. Thank you for making this! 2nd Game.


Glad you liked the concept! Nice playthrough and commentary!

This was a lot of fun.

This was a really fun little game, I liked the concept, good work :)

Good playthrough! Glad you liked the concept

It was a fun puzzle, took me a minute to work out when it was going on, but I enjoyed the game.

Thank you for also introducing me to Smiling Friends, I did find your little Easter Egg.

I'm glad you liked playing and the easter egg! Thanks for making a video of your experience :)

the game is good, i like it, it takes the idea of the Backrooms and almost changes that completely, the idea of glowing words on a wall turning into a computer feels like it breaks the 4th wall, like the backrooms would

I feel like I can

no way


Really Cool original game! Enjoyed playing this for sure. Make it larger lol. Game here: 

Please subscribe to my YT channel.

I absolutely loved this! Fresh puzzles, a nice atmosphere, and a nice quick bite of horror! My only complaint is that it ended LOL. I hope to see more added to this! Great work! (Second game in the video)

Thanks so much for playing!! I really liked your commentary and insight into the mechanics!


really enjoyed this game its a really unique take on the backrooms gimmick, would love to know if your gonna do more with it because i think it could be alot better with some more atmosphere, music, more levels, and abit more difficulty, maybe a timer, but really loved it and would love to come back for more, if your interested in checking out my gameplay here it is 

Loved your playthrough!! I'm really glad you liked it and those are some great suggestions

if you do ever get to updating it give me a shout and im happy to check it out buddy 


Great puzzle game. 

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good puzzle game

Glad you enjoyed it!


i love your game :):):)

Thanks for playing!


Cool idea for a game. It reminds me of a mash-up between The Matrix and The Backrooms.

Thank you! The Backrooms were an inspiration for sure.