Pointy really loves cookies. To be specific, he loves triple extra chocolate fudge cookies. He loves them so much he will run through any obstacles to get just one.

Sadly though, Pointy has a chronic condition where he must plan the exact path he wants to take before he moves anywhere. That's where you come in! You can help pointy think out his path beforehand so he makes it through safely.

This is a submission to the GMTK 2019 Game Jam!  The theme this year was, "Only One". Pointy and the Path of Least Resistance came from the simple idea that you can only move in ONE dimension: up and down the path! The one path you draw must take you through the whole room, from start to finish.

Controls for anyone who didn't get the simple ones in-game:

  • Draw Line - Hold and drag left mouse button from the start.
  • Toggle Pointy - Press the space bar.

Made withUnity
Tags2D, Casual, Cute, Short, Singleplayer, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes


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Fun concept! I kept wanting to surf the line but once I got my head off of that and onto "single path" I enjoyed it. I loved the animations on Pointy, they're stellar.

A lot of the challenge came from timing, it would have been interesting to see if more of the challenge could have come from pathing decisions. Although I didn't manage to beat the game so I can't speak for later levels, haha. 

Nice work!

Thanks for playing! It would definitely be interesting if some levels had different path solutions.