Connect telephone poles to connect people's calls.

Phone booths have an outgoing line on the left and an incoming line on the right.

Connect phone booths so they receive the correct message.


  • Left mouse to wire, cut,  and swap pole type.
    • Wire - drag in the direction you want the message to travel.
    • Cut - remove a wire by clicking the connection it's coming from.
    • Swap - remove connections and swap the pole's type.
  • Move mouse and Scroll to move camera.

Telephone Pole Types:

  • Double - the standard type, has two points to string wires. Use this for basic connections.
  • Splitter - Has one normal wire and a second that splits. Use this to separate a message if it needs to go two directions.
  • Switch - Has one normal wire and second that sorts by type. Use this if you have different message types on the same line and need them to sort them.

Things that need to be fixed:

  • Hard to tell what wires are connected to a connection if they overlap.
  • Need better communication of what is an input and an output on the phone box.
  • Extraneous telephone poles can be distracting.
  • Only being able to string a wire in one direction is a little annoying.
  • The switch's and splitter's connections are in a strange place and are not conveyed well enough.
  • Audio gets loud when the wires wobble at the start of a new level.
  • Some issues with sprite laying makes the connection color invisible if a tree is in the way.
  • Generally more info in-game on how to play.
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