The Devil has hired you as the bodyguard of his hellish casino.

With your trusty Six Shooter fend off demonic guests as they play the Devil's games.

The Devil doesn't make exceptions for you. Play his dice and he might give you the upper hand.

A GMTK 2022 Game Jam Submission

Created in Godot 3.4.4. 

This is our first time making a game in this engine!


  • WASD - move
  • mouse - aim


  1. Roll dice and choose values to add to your buffs.
  2. Fight off enemies and collect chips.
  3. Reach the chip requirement to spawn a fast dice dropping dice enemy.
  4. Collect five dice to roll again and progress to the next round.

Jam Notes:

  • balance is wack, best to maximize the amount of damage you deal to enemies.
  • CRIT MULTIPLIER DOES NOT WORK LOL do not bother. It was accidentally left hard coded to 2x.
  • Dice enemy spawns in bottom right room.
  • If you get Devil's Deal the extra cards will cause a glitch where the enemies drop more items. Very epic!
  • I will be uploading an updated version after the jam voting is over. Will include major fixes and balancing.

After Jam Update:

  • Fixed Crit.
  • Added Pointer to dice enemy.
  • Fixed enemy spawns a little
  • Fixed enemy health balance
  • kinda fun to play now :)


  • Programming - Floofinator, additional by z00l
  • Art - Floofinator, additional by z00l
  • Music/SFX - z00l

There is a chance for a secret on the death screen


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Quite like the mechanic of the dices on star of each round, i think the enemies deserve little more work, and congrats for finishing your game!