A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Colored Space in an experimental game about exploring space.

Fly a tiny ship in a vast solar system and see how the gravity of different bodies affects your flight. Fly alone, or connect with others, as you explore and visit the many planets and moons.


  • Arrow keys/WASD 
    •  Rotate your ship and rocket through space.
  • Mouse Scroll 
    • Change the size of the camera to get a bigger view and see your trajectory.
  • Escape
    • Open the game menu to access the navigator or exit.
  • Any controls can be changed to your liking through the unity start window.

Local Hosting:

  • Every new game session acts as a server host.
  • Joining a game with the address as "localhost" will attempt to connect to any other game running on the local network.

Public Hosting:

  • If you wish to host over the internet, the player who is hosting must open the port 37373 on their router.
  • To join over the internet, the address must be the host's public IP address or a domain name associated with it.


Color Space Mac 22 MB
Color Space Windows 23 MB


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